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2008-03-10 - 9:30 a.m.

It has been well over a year since I have written. My friend casteve started writing about his travels in Nicaragua and since I was here anyway, reading his stuff, I took a peak at some of my old jab. It almost felt like I was reading someone else's words. I was also somewhat surprised that my stuff was still here. Do deserted diaries live here forever?

I've been writing. I write all the time. It's just usually in email format or more recently some homework that my therapist has assigned me. My last 2 homework assignments have been writing about fear and betrayal. Fun stuff.

On Friday, my friend KT came down from Door County. She and I have been friends since we were 17.. so that is.. 18 years. Since she lives 5 hours away and has since we were about 20. I usually only see her about once or twice a year. It's an interesting relationship. Interesting because we both revert back to being 17-20 years old which is when we hung out all the time, every weekend. She is the only person that I have this sort of dynamic with.. This reversion. We talk the same, come out with the same little things we used to say all those years ago and do the same things. Drink and Play pool.

We mixed it up this past Friday by going to the Black Crows concert at the Park West. The Park West is a great place to see a show. It's intimate with great acoustics and they seem to be conscious of their max capacity. We weren't able to sit, but we found a nice little nook for ourselves on the front row of one of the balconies and hung there. KT makes jewelry and is quite talented. She made 3 pieces that she brought to the show. One for Chris Robinson, another for his brother, and the 3rd a guy named Luther who is a guitarist for the North Mississippi Allstars and is on tour with the BC's. She got her little 98lb soaking wet ass down to the front row and tossed the 3 little gifts onstage with her business cards of course. She has aspirations of becoming a jewelry maker to the stars. If this happens, and of course I hope it does and have sent prayers out into universe for my dear friend KT, realistically she's going to be the jeweler to the bong pulling stars because her stuff has a major stoner vibe about it. You can tell by looking at her work that it has been designed and built by a true bud connoisseur.

After the show we headed back to my hood and went to a local bar. We played pool but it was very crowded. After an hour or so, everyone in this place was dancing... and this bar is not a dancing sort of bar. The dance fever is spreading through this bar with magical energy. Once this started happening, the dj started playing songs that people like to dance to. Which, you guessed it.. is of course.. I like big butts. Everyone dances to that song.. no matter what. And of course, if they are dancing to it, they are also singing it. My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun.. The night moved quickly and it's nearing bar time. It's been a long time since I've closed a bar. Anyway right before last call the dj plays Tina Turner's Proud Mary.. and you know Tina.. she never does nothin' nice. KT and I, without prompt or conversation start having a dance off to Proud Mary. Then these 2 other women join us and we just went off.. Tina Style. By the end my heart was pounding so hard that I felt like I was going ot have a grabber. KT and I headed home and went to bed.. it was a great night.. but one that can wait another year to happen again.


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