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2006-11-21 - 10:36 a.m.

I am so ready to have a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. I will be wearing my proverbial zubbas -aka, my eating pants and doing a lot of relaxing. At least that is what I am telling myself now knowing full well that I'm not all that great at relaxing when it comes down to it. When you have an almost 4 year old, relaxing is something that happens when you are laying in bed before you fall asleep for the night.. after watching a little 'Intervention' or perhaps Law and Order SVU. If I do have the opportunity to actually sit on a couch, it typically doesn't last long because I start noticing things around my house that need to be picked up, thrown away or organized. I'm much too OCD to sit on my ass while there are dog hair comprised tumble weeds rolling around on the ground taunting me. This is not to say that I don't have a lot of "pinkytime", I do, I just don't spend it relaxing. I spend it going to the gym, shopping or having drinks/dinner with my friends.

Well the Christmas catalogs are rolling in hard core now. Every day Lucy goes through them and picks out what she wants which is everything. I actually tried and succeeded to turn this into a learning experience. We go through the catalogs and when she sees something she likes, she writes down the page number on her Christmas list. Her list to santa looks like some numeric 'where's waldo' art rendered by a psychopath, but she is writing out numbers, up to 100 which is excellent and makes me feel like a good mom, which is excellent also.

Lucy really seems to love the slutty looking girl dolls. Bratz, MyScene Barbies etc.. She has a Barbie Video called "myscene goes to hollywood" which guest stars Lindsey Lohan. She loves Lindsey Lohan now. What 4 year old loves Lindsey Lohan?! So now, we look at the trashy hollywood gossip magazines that I buy and we seek out photos of "Linds!". She shrieks "MOM!! MOM!! Lindsey Lohan!", when Lindsey's ProActive commerical comes on. I don't really know how to feel really about the whole slutty doll thing. I mean, part of me just wants to see her happy, and slutty barbies seem to do this for her (in an immediate, "I just got a new toy sort of way", not a "i'm a well adjusted kid and my parents love me so I'm happy kind of way"). On the other hand, I also feel like I'm aiding and abetting in the early sexualization of girls when I buy her these things. Of course I don't want her to think that she has to dress like a whore to be attractive, nor do I want her to look at 'slutty barbie' and have her think that she has the ideal body. These are not the types of parenting dilemas that I expected to have as a mother of a preschooler.

Any advice?


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